I am here because after living the years I had, I came to a point that I got confused.  Confused about something I could hardly explain.  My first response to confusion was to go to friends and tell them about my thoughts. I said to them “I am having an Identity Crisis” and their response to me was, “ Are you gay! So from that moment I kept my feelings to myself. I ask everyday, Where in this world can I go to seek and speak about my confusion to my Identity? My feet had brought me into another church. I told them about my confusion, and this time their answer to me was, “You are not confuse, you understand very well”.  Yet, I humbled myself and allowed the church to do what they had to do to lead me. But days got me thinking deep, I don’t feel right, I truly am confused. Till it brought me here at one church and I heard in one of the Sunday service by Pastor Paul where he talks about how a Christian should be. He said if you are a Christian you walk the walk of Jesus Christ in everything that you do. Well, the sequence how he explains it made me understood, and by reflecting on it, made me see my own flaws, and had me find ways to proceed. The bible is profound. I can always come up with an interpretation to it like anybody else could with any book, and pick parts I like, and ignore the ones I dont.  But to understand in the wisdom of God, you need to have the anointing to let the good come out of the verses.

In this world it’s hard to trust anything or anyone. But when Jesus was here, he didn’t live a stranger. He made it very clear when to give way to someone or something, and when to stand on a firm ground.

My hunger for God brought me to seek more of what was, what is, and what will come. I am glad to have found my Identity in Christ Jesus and found purpose for life.

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