My revelation for the book of Kings


I can definitely relate to King Solomon. I said this because as years add up to the mathematics of my life, I become overwhelmed with the knowledge I can get from this world, that, with every moment I touch, see, and feel something, every chance I get to use my senses, I acquire something, it is how I discover, and it accumulates in me. Although, discovering is an acquisition of something I am to respond to. How I respond is based on how well I know. I want to become a part of something valuable, and over the Identity above me. I have wandered, confused, about the authenticity of good and bad. For what can be good for me, as I thought will also be good for others, but doesn’t always turn out to be good at all. What can be good for others, as I thought would also be good for me, is the same. As a king like King Solomon was, the wisest, the king, whom can make decisions that can be very destructive, and produce temporary solutions, without the wisdom of God in it, it will always be limited. I learned from the book of kings that, I will have to battle each day knowing my intention is always good, but with God in it, I more confident as I am assured of the righteousness in God, and with such, I can fully trust and depend on Him alone.

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