Holiday Bank Delays, Jesus do not delay.

Niko costume

Praise and glory to God for a holiday well provided. Finally it has come, long vacation that everybody is waiting for. Me and Niko managed to stay home due to a limited budget to use for the coming 5 days because of the Bank delays. From the minimum budget of 200 a day on cooked food, I was challenged to a squeezed cash on hand for the amount of 65 php that I am to use for the approaching 5 days. I need a miracle! And there was…

 My first miracle was when I found  1/4  ground pork on the fridge, stock from previous day, some tuyo’ (Dried fish, Filipino delicacy), and 46 php in the car Glory to God!

Most days, we only notice and appreciate the things that we have until a day surprises us with our insufficiency.  And when grace comes, we overwhelm ourselves with its source. I am glad I am reminded that such grace didn’t come plainly from the found, but from above who reveals us the ways.

So my budget of 65 increased to 111.00 php, with surprises from the old stocks.

Thursday early morning, I bought:

A kilo of rice                      49 php

Pechay (Pakchoi)            10 php

Eggplant                               14 php

3 Eggs                                    18 php

Menu on Thursday


Tuyo’ with fried rice


Tortang Talong(eggplant omelet)


1 egg

Ground pork




  • Roast the eggplant, then, peel off the burnt skin. Flatten the eggplant on a plate. Beat an egg with a pinch of salt. Add the egg and the ground pork on the eggplant. Fry.

 Second Miracle, I found a noodle I bought a month ago that we kept in case of emergency. Well, emergency is on! We have dinner.

The rest of the Items we bought were reserved for tomorrow.  Left with 20 php change/cash on hand.

Menu on Friday


Tuyo’ and rice


Scrambled egg with Pechay and Ground pork


1 Egg

Ground pork


  • Cut the veggies thinly or as desired. Beat the egg, spice with a pinch of salt. Add everything together, pechay, beaten egg, and ground pork. Then fry.


Egg and Rice

Menu on Saturday turned to become more challenging, my heart is deeply praying for more miracles, so I searched all my bags for any more hidden favors. Hah! 15 php found and another 10 php, makes up 45 php cash on hand. So, I went to the grocery planning to get eggs, all that my money can afford. I brought  with me my card that still have 59 php remaining balance, I took a chance to see if I can use it to buy stuff, they normally only allowed 100 php minimum purchase with card. But then again, God is good and my card was accepted beyond limits of what it have. Hallelujah! Bought 3 noodles and 4 eggs I came home.

That counts my third miracle. I trust that God will expand your finances and supply that is right for your needs.

Saturday Menu


  • Noodles with Pechay (Just mix together and add egg)

Then I heard my son gave remarks on his food. Mommy, this is so yummy! (I was quietly talking to myself, ones in a while, we can educate our children about survival. Knowing to eat all kinds of food would teach them humility, adaptability, flexibility, and cuts the picky eater, although I will still prefer to give him a more healthier food on a regular day!)


Veggie Omelet


Pechay and egg

When you have little you become hungrier, so now was craving for snacks. The angel of the Lord showed me a bucket of biscuit. I crashed and put some Nesquick, then, placed in the fridge to cool. Niko’s remarks, mommy this is so yummy! It taste like cake! I am lucky to have such an appreciative child.

Tomorrow, we have half of the milk bread, a cup of rice, bitter melon I harvested, veggie leaves are also available to harvest I can use as condiments for eggs and the noodles. We have enough while waiting for Monday, to get from the bank.

But then, Monday arrived, but cash hasn’t  been done yet by the bank. Phone was cut, internet was disconnected, electricity is due and the person to disconnect the electricity is on its way. Food is now completely empty, it was turned upside down, nothing more to squeeze, except my sons kiddie bank account that has 100 php savings. So again, there was another miracle. My fourth miracle was found. I took chance to personally visit the bank to see if remittances has arrived, but there was nothing. So I got myself on the cue to withdraw 100 php. Bank tellers are all too busy. The cue is long. Number 91 is being served, and I am on 134. I have been waiting for 45 minutes now and the number has only moved to 93 and my son is about to come home from school. I have to come home for him. I took the faith and was shamed having to line up through the person with disability cue using my son’s ID (given for his autism) as it is his account anyways.  I was upfront into so much more shame and nagging by the teller. I took it all in because it’s the only way I can make end meets ends.

As I went home I started to pray

Heavenly father, today that I fast. I am reminded of the difficult life in poverty, the life of the poorest in my country and with every country in the earth, who were determined, but didn’t have the wisdom to get out of the rag. They live each day in mercy and grace. I have encountered and seen with my very eyes, what kind of dignity the poor have. They are the ones who have little to none who would heartily grab every chance to live, to survive. They are strong willed to face the path of a systematic world. They are being shamed by people who are trapped in the position that are placed on their shoulders by businesses, whom in return would be very much willing to drag you to obey the rule of man. And they will make you aware of the blinded values man created for themselves, the worldly standard. But God is on the side of the meek and the poor. The power of God will make them wait and stay still until there was peace and quiet. Until they have done what they came to do. They may face shame but will leave in dignity. They are all that they have. All the poor have is themselves and they are willing to lose face but not the value of their soul. I see the rich to be trapped inside their huge responsibilities to keep control of their material riches, they are designed to pick the time when to be charitable, and to secure themselves in this earth.  Your wisdom is way much bigger than what I have. I know you have plans for every person in this earth, in every level, every status, every nation, every kind. Whatever is your will my faith will hold on to living for the fulfillment of your promises. I ask that may you give this earth more endurance, so that we may not fail you when temptation comes. Oh Jesus your name is all the power we need.

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