A servant of God


In John 13:5-10 Jesus washed the Disciples feet. Then He poured water into the basin, and began to wash the disciples’ feet and to wipe them with the towel with which He was girded. So He came to Simon Peter. He said to Him, “Lord, do You wash my feet?”  Jesus answered and said to him, “What I do you do not realize now, but you will understand hereafter.”Peter *said to Him, “Never shall You wash my feet!” Jesus answered him, “If I do not wash you, you have no part with Me.”  Simon Peter *said to Him, “Lord, then wash not only my feet, but also my hands and my head.”  Jesus *said to him, “He who has bathed needs only to wash his feet, but is completely clean; and you are clean, but not all of you.”

“What I do you do not realize now, but you will understand hereafter. Jesus meant that as he served his disciples, he expected them to declare The Gospel when he’s gone, that as he had served his disciples, his disciples are to serve one another. 

I was invited to join an outreach of a small church where we graciously manage to welcome the attendees, feed, preach, and distribute bibles. It was an interesting experience. I have brought my son along. I have told him that he is with us like the adults serving the Lord. That, although, there is fun going on, his purpose is not to receive but to be a servant of the children.

Niko, my son, saw the balloons around bouncing and free. Like any other children, he was caught up by the interesting beauty of this round air filled fun. He wanted to have one.  But, as I have told him beforehand, I have to repeat and tell him. We are here not to receive but to be a servant of this children. We can have a balloon anytime that we want. But this little children have less than we do and they deserve this treat. This day is for them. Our purpose for the day is meant to serve. So that, through us, they may see the goodness of Jesus. The same way we have seen him, through the same grace we receive everyday.

He understood. He didn’t persist to own one.

Then He was pulled by one adult servant to assist in putting names. He has to stick their names on the chest. He understood that they are to give them name tags, but yet, he impose to stick the names, rather the chest, but on their faces. I was in a distant, but notice the adult servant with him was looking disconcerted. I pulled his hand and brought him to do other things. I asked him why did he do that? He said, because they are laughing, and I want them to laugh. Well, the children surely had fun with that bit of a joke.  But, the path of this world, I have to remind him that there is right time to joke, otherwise. Whatever that means.

How beautiful it is to teach children how to be humble and serve. When in their innocent minds, they are fierce in terms of what they want. What teaching teaches this kind of servanthood, what Jesus did to his disciples.  The life of Jesus is truly a testimony of God’s goodness, and his amazing love for us. I am glad to live each moment of everyday knowing him deeper and more, illuminating in me, in my family.

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