Teacher assistant volunteer at the church


Last Sunday, during the lesson, while the main teacher was teaching, I saw 2 girls who appears to be dreaming, one writing by her hands on the floor, while the other randomly turning her head looking around. I prompt a conversation and asked their names, one is called Anne and the other is called Jushtin. Both were wearing a sleeveless, knee length dress. But Anne, on top of her sleeveless dress, she wears a jacket top. While the teacher is talking,and them sitting, noticeably they’re movements were increasing more making them busy, busy putting one arm of the jacket over to Anne, and the other over to Jushtin.  I prompt ask question about the story the teacher in the front was telling, if they understood it, they turned on their plain faces. I understood, I have to relive to them the story, they finally understood and went on raising their hands, started participating and giving their feed of what they learn. When the class was about to end, teacher initiated the prayer position. Jushtin came to me and wrapped her arms around my waste with her head bowed down. It was tight and warm.

Oh! She touches my soul.

I remember she is one of those children we have visited at the cemetery that they call home. They enjoyed the program and the teachings, that encouraged them to visit the physical church. I wondered if they came with their parents, but either or, they are there and their presence is all that is important, as long as they come safe and goes home safe, God is surely with them and will guide them on the way.

Suddenly, in that moment, the spirit illuminate in my understanding. That as adults, we all come to a point that we feel alone. Many widows and elders have expresses that sometimes all they need is a hug. And when they receive it, their sadness fly to vanish away in that bit of a moment. How much more is the longing of a child.

I responded to her hug along with Anne and 2 more children, as we all pray together.

This scenario have been circling to my head. She touched my heart.

Heavenly father, before I sleep tonight, I lift to you Jushtin, Anne, the children of the church and their families. Touch them with your loving heart. That they may feel you close to them. I am honored to be used as a vessel. Fill me more with your spirit of kindness. Allow me to walk with you and in you. I highly believe in your power. That you can heal the broken and give peace to the disturbed spirit. May you as well heal me and cleanse me every moment as I read your word, that I may align myself in your way, in order that I may proclaim your goodness, your way. You have given us a choice. Therefore, I chose you. Through Jesus your son, I was made aware of my salvation. Thank you God!

Please share your similar encounters.


  1. This was a very beautiful post and I can sense you really care about the kids you help; they need someone like you. Isn’t amazing how a simple hug can take away loneliness and make someone’s day. Sometimes we just need to know we are loved in a world that isn’t always kind.

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