A tree

I have always loved a tree. When I was little my dad engaged me in a painting workshop, called “munting daliri” (tiny fingers), by the end of the class, they awarded their best pick and my art piece received a 3rd place. How did we create the art? I still remember, i was with a group of children, we went to Fort Santiago, it is a historical place in the Philippines, reserved in it’s nature. By doing arts, you will really appreciate the nature, specially as you connect with your soul, I appreciated it exactly as it was put into place by His word. I love every branches, swaying leaves, and the body, all its curves and positions. I remember I was seating near my subject, getting so deeply emotionally, physically, fully attached, to the subject, until I heard one said, Oh! Look it is so real. I looked behind me and surprised myself seeing a bunch of people surrounding me. I was intimidated. Then, a few seconds later I saw them slowly leaving, I looked back to see my artwork and noticed the connection I had with it just a few seconds ago, in an instant has turned my creation into a cartoon like. I was disturbed.

I did not continue with art after the worshop. But, the the art is always in me. I know that in order to have a beautiful creation you have to be able to fully express your soul. My preference is, I like to visually express happiness. One day, I bought some paint that stand in the cupboard for months. One night, I said I got to do this, turned out the primary colors I bought aren’t the primary colors I needed. I painted anyways. I wasn’t happy with it’s finishing because I always felt it wasn’t finished, always wanted to redo or retach given the chance I get to buy paints. It’s been weeks now.

While on this tree, was a switch. That we turn on at night and turn off in the morning, or turn on when needed, depending on the lights that enters our house. We call it our tree light.

Everytime we go in this area of the house, my son will always be fascinated with it. One day I bought a laminating machine, and we printed some couple of bible verses. Afterwards, he stick them all in this tree. Then, he wanted to surround our house with trees that he can hang his bible verses.

More than an art, this tree has resembled joy to us. It is one that we look to say goodmorning to and goodnight with. Though it is a plain wall without the physical curves and falling leaves as the real tree does. I believe trees as an image of something alive speaks to our thoughts and hearts having it in the house, reminding us of life. God gave us life and everything around us that has life.

Joy is not far to have. It is just near us. It comes as much as we see God around us.

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