Kneel it all down

Body language describes a persons current emotional and mental state. They said, people who have a low slouch shoulders are normally signs that the person has insecurities. Have you ever felt in life some days you are unsecure or in doubt of what to do? Then you probably have gone through that state… But maybe, you are more confident now than you were, rather, you are one of them who stayed in that state of low self esteem.

Today, we were called to kneel down before the Lord. It was awkward for I was listening to a live stream service, and if I was to bow low, it’s just ridiculous to look at. But then, I am my spirit and I am one who is in need of mercy and grace. So, I had my knee touched the floor, closed my eyes and put myself inside the serenity and holiness of the Lord. I sobbed unstoppably. I wanted to give to the Lord all that I have, all inheritance and all the works of my hand. I wanted to give Him all my being. I wanted to beg and ask mercy to survive this life. While during my communication with God, He whispered to me of my son. He reminded me that if I was to do that then how can I save my generation considering his condition. He spoke to me and made it clear that He wanted all of me but He doesnt want to leave me empty. He said He filled me with all beauty, skills, abilities and fullness, that I can make Him proud of what I am created. He reminded me how I was made equipped for a purpose that neither I dont know. But He made clear that His plan for me is as beautiful as His character, perfect and majestic. So, I got to live His will and has to keep going. I said yes, I wanted to experience the beauty of His creation in this earth…and He said that it is possible, but we got to pray it. Pray and receive it. He had sent this message, His words, and through His son. Jesus taught us this.

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