You are not your experience

Nowadays, communicating to your long lost friends has become easier through social media. Before facebook, the last time you can hear from someone you encountered in school, workplace, or anyone you bumped into, whom you had a moment, simple chats that interests you, that seemed to become more than a thought created some feeling of a journey. With everyday encounter with people, words will be spoken to you, by one you barely know, words that will stick to your heart, then when in time and circumstance get back the memory of this words, eventually turns out to be a life lesson.

It’s been 11 years, since I last seen my old colleagues, from the first company I worked to abroad. In this aging human nature, I was reminiscent to keep my younghood by all the laughs of stupidity and naivety I learned in life. I would often find myself crazy laughing with myself, searching to connect to someone. But then, just like your household knows you, simply by the looks you created with your face, culture can be the same, the influence of environment was so strong. I came from a 3rd world country, as they call Asia, migrated to developing country, back to 3rd world, my home town. Truth about which world I’ve been, is that it is the same earth God created from the beginning. Although, the human nature, if we were to distinguish differences, changes, sometimes can be overwhelming.

So, here we are in the new age, with platforms we can vent our frustrations with, even the victories of life, by just the press of a finger. Having been one of the see-er, watched the changes of people, I became one of them eager to be in touch, be connected. God said in the bible, “love your neighbors as you love yourself”. This had me ponder the truth beyond the lines. I am created in the image of God. All that God created is beautiful and good, for He is a good God, and so I am molded in that beautiful image as my neighbors.

On this platform, I saw my friend who came back from the UK in failure, after they exchange the property from the Philippines for the opportunity to study there expecting a good life. With me, having a son, british by passport, hasn’t been in the UK, I was invited to meet with this people. Three of them, both couple and their son stayed with me for 2 months until my friend, the girl got a job, and can live independent with her family. After a year, another one of our colleague, a different story of failure, whom I shared my place with now, I’m presently guiding to getting herself up. Today, we had a conversation, we spoke about how she’s been from the last time we saw each other to the present that we are. I learned that she had stayed in that company for some number of years that basically wrapped up her story abroad, work and home, then come back to the Philippines, with little money and little opportunity, that basically brought her to struggle where I caught her now.

It’s interesting how we can devote ourselves to surviving. Surviving by basically getting up every morning, with our head focused to work, battling all the sadness of homesickness, where we find purpose with the little money we receive as a salary that we get by every end of the month.

Got me grateful with the choices I made with life. I had spent my time meeting people and making friends, learning from people, more than progressing with salary and position, landing to a company that keeps getting better by time. Yet, Having been back home, before my parents died I had spent my years looking after them, giving me the beautiful opportunity of ability returning the care for the people who cared for me first. As a choice I had seek fellowships and engaged myself on ministries. Choices that makes me go back smiling the beauty and purpose God has written in the bible. I am saying, this day is God’s illumination of His truth. That we are not our experience. We are the people made by God. He written a plan for our lives. His words are true and real, by following it, the mercy and the goodness of God truly comes with it.

Before I end, I want to leave you with this, love your neighbours as you love yourself, want it and do it, be willing as God has been willing for us, the future time will confirm to you, the wisdom inclusive with those words. More than the satisfaction given salvation is at hand. More than the hope you will find in loving one another, the joy and happiness will accompany you. The purpose that is set purely for God, when you worship and glorify Him with everything that you are, is rewarding, as the rewards has always been for us.

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