I am a mother of my only son, I am proud of that! Even if he trains me how to dash around, catch with his speed, while I press focus on a healthy heart rate, it was and is highly thrilling indeed! He taught me of a perfect routine, otherwise the catastrophe. Both my remarkably loving parents whom shared me their fulfilled life are now in heaven, they now look to Jesus face to face. I am a testimony of their immeasurable patience, humility, kindness, and tenderhearted parenting. They had raised me in workmanship. I am a receiver of glory, lifted from the merciful poverty to the ease of gracious security, of which pleasure I cant contain for myself. I will forever be grateful. I was delivered from naivety to purposeful life, honed, and placed to school to bear hold college education, a life skill for survival, a seed of faith planted in me by God through my parents as my physical immediate authority whom responsibly built me up. I am a living successor, who chose to continue giving service, as we were and so I will be journeying with God. Moving forward to grow in Jesus. Living the present. Keeping faith to the coming moments of the days ahead. And will continue to receive the favor in everything laid on my table. My goal is to fulfill this life’s purpose, as it opens my eyes to the end of my naivety and absorbs to learn new wisdom of what gives life, living it better day by day.  I am arms wide open, in surrender to my future, looking forward to the day I will rejoin my family in heaven, and fulfill mine as they had with theirs.

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  1. Good testimony. And your goal is being met in Jesus Christ. He will see you to completion which is what we all desire. Thank you for choosing to follow my blog. i hope it will encourage you in your journey.

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